Saturday Morning Readers

SMR-Saturday Morning Readers is a reading program that helps develop children and youth to become strong independent readers with excellent comprehension. The mission of the program is that each child will read more fluently and quickly, enjoy reading more, and have the skills and the confidence that will assist in achieving academic success in school.  This program seeks to:

  • Improve comprehension
  • Build long-word decoding skills
  • Read more fluently and rapidly
  • Become a strong, enthusiastic reader

Saturday Morning Readers’ program will feature community based monthly reading conference that will connect young readers and mentors as a support system for encouraging literacy within the home and the community.  There will be stimulating and interactive activities led by experienced teachers, librarians, professionals, college students and community members, engaging materials that provide instruction at home between the monthly gatherings, and independent reading in some of the most enjoyable children’s novels ever written.  Saturday Morning Readers program will provide a lite breakfast snack courtesy of Visionary Leaders Institute & Sodexo and a FREE book giveaway to participating youth.

The Saturday Morning Readers Program is held month at Sunrise Baptist Church. 3220 Lakeshore Drive, Shreveport, La.

Recent Activities

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