About Sunrise Baptist Church

Thanks for visiting with us on our website.  We hope that you will now come rise with us at any of our many services.  Bishop R. Jones Moore is our Pastor.

“Sunrise Baptist Church – in the Heart of the Community; the Church with the Community at Heart.”

Sunrise Baptist Church, located at 3220 Lakeshore Drive, in Shreveport, Louisiana, was founded in 1927 under the leadership of Rev. George Price in the Ledbetter Heights area.

Rev. Kelly Key became the Pastor and a new building was constructed. Rev. Alonzo Tinker became Pastor in 1948 and Sunrise moved to the Queensborough area.  After Pastor Tinker’s death, Rev. W. L. Stewart  of Muskegon, Michigan became Pastor in 1974.

In 1977, Sunrise Baptist Church moved to its current location on Lakeshore Drive.  Pastor Stewart passed away in July 1995 and Rev. Louis Smith was installed as Pastor in 1996.

Bishop Rickey Jones Moore, Sr., our current Pastor, became pastor in February 1998.  He was consecrated as Bishop on June 28, 2013 at the NACCMF Holy Convocation Services in Little Rock, Arkansas.  As Bishop, he oversees Region 1, which encompasses over 200 churches in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

Our membership continues to grow and so has our service to the community.

We have an active youth department, drama ministry, praise team ministry, MIME ministry, Young Adults Choir, Young Women’s Auxiliary (YWA), Male Chorus Ministry, Adult Choir, Tots Choir, Youth Choir, and Mission Ministry.  We have numerous other ministries at Sunrise not listed here.  We also offer after school tutorial classes for youth in our Church and in the community.

We have a five member Trustee Board and the Board Members are Dea. Wayne Smith, Chairman; Dea . Phillip Martin, Sis. Gwendolyn Barnes, Sis. Darlene Rossum and Sis. Marilyn Smith.

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